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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sam Bunkface Prospective Exit Band For Trouble?


MStar earlier report Bunkface Sam still riddle Bunkface out of the band's internal problems as well due to a dislike of publicity & glamorous world. In the same time, Sam said to be moved to a new band called The Azenders & where Sam will be replaced by Myo, a member of the band Oh Chentaku. Another rumor, guitarist & drummer Bunkface each group was proposed by Rain & One Buck Shot.

However, Sam was found by journalists mStar denies rumors of withdrawal from Bunkface. But he did not deny the news about problems with Bunkface and the establishment of a side band, The Azenders. Sam told me that he pay more attention to the Azenders because Bunkface is busy with the management studio that will open soon.

This scenario like we had experienced when Lan The Typewriter out of the Meet Uncle Hussain because of internal issues. As we all know, Bunkface now caught the attention of fans, and not a few sponsors who want to get them. Please reconsider the issue out Sam band, because Bunkface it was at the peak.

Do not be like Meet Uncle Hussain, until now still looking for replacement vocalist. Love


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