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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Paris Hilton converts to Islam?

Paris hilton is it true that to embrace Islam?
London - not Paris Hilton, if not hit the world, with its action. This time it was rumored to have converted to Islam.

In, Johnny Wilko Paris Hilton spread the word of truth in Islam. In an article titled 'Paris Hilton Converts to Islam' the, Wilko quoted a spokesman for Paris, Ian Brinkham, at CBS News.

"He thought it was in some time. When he was imprisoned at the Century Regional Detention Facility in 2007, he met several people who had converted to Islam," said Brinkham.

By becoming a Muslim, Paris Hilton has decided to avoid his old life as a celebrity with independent living and reckless. When speaking of Islamic study center in Jeddah, he said, "I have found real peace in my life, I used to be known as women's night, and lack of morals, but now all that has changed. Thank God!"

Hilton plans to return to Los Angeles next week and begin to establish a Muslim school in the heart of Beverly Hills is so sparkling. "Forget about Scientology or Kaballah. This is the best religion that ever existed now. I will not wear a red string on the wrist or walk like a robot that talks about Xenu. Islam is a religion that must be adopted, and I will spread the revelations Quranic verses to all the people, "said Paris Hilton excited.

Paris Hilton also plans to change its name to 'Tahirah. An Arabic word meaning 'pure, or holy. " Muslim schools will begin in July next and will be a popular spiritual that will haunt many Hollywood celebrities.

Islamic News Paris Hilton was released bring the pros and cons. Some believe and propagate in a variety of blogs and social networking sites, while most others consider it a 'hoax' mere.

So far, not yet ascertained the truth in Islam is Paris Hilton news. If true Hollywood celebrity is in Islam, may simply be an uproar throughout the world media. But until now no major international news agency who preach it. Also there has been no official confirmation from Paris Hilton will keislamannya good news in her facebook fan page, Twitter and Wikipedia article