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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bako National Park

Bako National Park

Oldest national park in Sarawak was established in 1957, covers an area of 27 square kilometers is located about 37 km from Kuching.

The Park is famous for its stunning natural environment, habitats, vegetation and wildlife.

The main attraction here is teluknya sheltered and rocky headlands with magnificent steep cliffs facing the South China Sea.

Waves, salt water and wind have carved stone arches and pillars at the base of the cliffs, some riding the sea like a dragon head. Formation sandstone on the banks appear pink with iron.

In the inland, waterfalls flowing into the reservoir of fresh water pools of security accompanied the fresh green forest environment.
Bako National Park is renowned as the most easily accessible in Sarawak for the Netherlands or watch monkey 'Proboscis Monkey. "


Petra Jaya Bus No.6 and regular minibuses plying from Kuching to Kampung Bako, a charming fishing village near the park. Visitors can also take a taxi to Kampung Bako.

From Kampung Bako, you can hire a boat from a counter at the jetty to go to the park headquarters. The boat ride is an exciting adventure to see the stunt driver controls the fast-moving boat cut through waves.