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Monday, January 24, 2011

Taman Sahabat,Kuching

Zheng-He (Cheng Ho), 1371-1433, was an admiral, diplomat and explorer during China’a Ming dynasty. He was born in 1371 to a poor ethnic Hui (Chinese Muslims) family in Yunnan Province, Southwest China. Emperor Yong Le selected him to lead the first of seven epic expeditions (1405-1433) to South East Asia.
In 1405 Zheng-He started the world’s first biggest naval expedition. His fleet consisted of over 300 ships with over 60 treasure ships measuring 150 meters in length and 83 meters in width and equipped with more than 28,000 crew. Zheng-He made one last voyage (1431-1433) during the reign of Emperor Zhu Zhanji when his fleets visited more than 37 countries in the South China Sea, Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, Mediterranean Sea and Africa.
Zheng-He made a total of seven voyages within a period of 23 years.
According to the Malay Annals, Zheng-He escorted a contingent of 500 court maidens together with a princess called Hang Li Po to marry the Sultan Mansur Syah of Malacca. These 500 maidens eventually settled in Bukit Cina in Melacca. The descendants of these mixed marriages with  local natives in Malaysia are know today as “Baba and Nyoya”


Taman Sahabat project situated at Jalan Song Kuching was completed in 2005 and officially opened to public on 18.5.2006 by the YAB Chief Minister of Sarawak. This unique and picturesque park is the product of a close relationship between Kuching City and Kunming City of China. Due to its unique features, it is gaining popularity for the locals as well as tourists.
There are a few facilities in the parks including pavilions are given to the Council as gifts by the various Chinese agencies including Kunming Municipal Government, as symbols of friendship between China and Malaysia, between Kunming and Kuching. It is a pride and joy to the residents in MBKS for such contribution in this park.
These pavilions were designed, fabricated and constructed and supervised by the Chinese Landscape technicians and artisans. They used timber which, in China, have lasted hundreds of years. Unfortunately they were very susceptible to our weather and humidity. Such problem was deliberated in-depth and suggested to refer to the donor.
In this regard, the Council has drawn the attention of the donor who produced these beautiful structures and appealed for their rectification in July 2007. We are very grateful that the Chinese Consul General has taken a very active concern on the matter and we hope things can be resolved soon.
However, the Council noted with regret the statements and sentiment issued by YB Chong Chieng Jen and Violet Yong in the recent Press questioning the MBKS authority that if the deterioration of pavilion columns were built according to specification. Making such a wrong assumptions and also the criticism of using sub-standard quality wood in the press is a very unhealthy practice and it is very disheartening to the excellent effort put in by the many Chinese agencies in supporting the success of this Park. In order to avoid similar recurrence, the Council would urge the two YBs' to find out the fact correctly in future before calling the press to make a press issue against any authority.


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