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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sarawak Cultural Village

Sarawak Cultural Village
This cultural village is also called the 'Living Museum' was established to preserve and display the cultural heritage of Sarawak. The museum is located at Pantai Damai, Santubong is only 32km from Kuching, is a great place to know the local culture and way of life.
Sprawled across 17 acres there are about 150 residents who demonstrate daily activities of the tribes of Sarawak such as the processing of sago and produce handicrafts. They wear traditional costumes and performed traditional dances for visitors. The village residents about how they live and cultural diversity to the visitor. Visitors can see replicas of buildings that represent every major ethnic group in Sarawak, home of the long-Iban, Bidayuh and Orang Ulu, a house-high Melanau and the Chinese farmhouse. The village also has a theater, where visitors can witness the multicultural dance performances, a restaurant and handicraft shop. You can also get married at the Sarawak Cultural Village in accordance with traditional style of the Iban, Malay, Bidayuh or Orang Ulu.
Longhouse is here with a row of adjoining rooms connected by a long hall, which is used for activities like wood carving and basket weaving. Visitors are often invited to attend the ceremony in the evening and was served a drink toddy made by the Iban themselves with rice. Comfortable guesthouses are also available for visitors. 

You can also rent a taxi or a car. The road is excellent and the directions are easy.

There is no public transport to the Cultural Village, but a shuttle bus leaving from the Holiday Inn Kuching at 9 am and 12.30 pm and returned at 1.45 pm and 5.30 pm. You can also rent a taxi or a car. The road is excellent and the directions are easy.


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